Life Success began as a ministry primarily to women to encourage gifts both in the market place and church context. It developed into a mentoring programme and many lives were changed and new businesses were also established.

Life Success is built on the principle that your fulfilment in life is dependent on YOU…becoming and doing what you were born to do. Life is full of opportunities – but not all are seized and taken.

“Those who know their God will display strength and take action” Daniel 11:32b

The elements of this valuable ministry are being incorporated into TouchPoint Monthly Gatherings at this time.  It has been a rich vein which may be developed and used again in the future.


Life Success aims to mobilise women to live in the fullness of their purpose and destiny.  A key component of our journey has been training seminars.

We will continue to include relevant, radical and revitalising events and training where we gather women to be sharpened in the context of a corporate anointing, discovering new relationships and being released to new levels of authority and influence wherever God has positioned them.


A network of Christian women from different spheres of life being mentored towards individual purpose and destiny for Kingdom establishment and advancement

  • Training and equipping
  • Practical scenario based group work
  • Supervised development planning and milestones
  • Email access and one to one scheduled sessions with Life Success Leaders
  • Monthly telephone update and relate for evaluation of progress and outcomes


In 2009 Life Success extended its borders to sow into the lives of women in Africa, equipping them to move to new levels of influence in their nation, calling forth their destinies and empowering them to co-labour in new ways.