About Us

We believe that in order to fulfil the Great Commission to preach the good news of Jesus, believers must walk in God’s supernatural power, understand the power of intercession and deal with strongholds that blind the minds of unbelievers. Resources available from Kingdom Advance Network will help to teach, inform, equip, train and empower believers to minister from their God given position of victory and authority.


Drawing from over 25 years experience, Kingdom Advance Network also produces training materials in worship lifestyle, intercession, operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Issachar Anointing, which is understanding the times and seasons that we live in.


The vision for KAN Resources began with Stephen and Jenny Watson, senior apostolic leaders of Kingdom Advance Network (KAN). They minister independently and with teams, training and equipping believers in how to hear the voice of God, as well as the corporate prophetic ministry, worship, evangelism, intercession, the end-times and the believer's responsibility towards Israel. Training events are regularly held at KAN, please contact us at www.kanuk.net to add your details to the mailing list or to request a training event in your area. These training events and the resources on this website will help to raise up strong prophetic ministers in the Church, the workplace and the nations.


The resource manager, Meera Grewal, can advise you on any of the products found on this website.  For more information, please contact the KAN office on 01283 534375 or email us at resource@kanuk.net.