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Enjoy browsing our new site where you will find motivational and inspirational resources that will equip you to go deeper and higher, with a touch of the miraculous, the prophetic and apostolic, healing and deliverance, keys to changing your city and advancing the Kingdom of God.  Books, teaching courses, CDs, DVDs, products from Israel (anointing oils, perfumes, shofars, prayer shawls, candles) and jewellery. Its all here!!

Available resources include: Apostles Tom & Jane Hamon, John Maxwell, Chuck Pierce, Jim Goll, Prophet Bill Lackie, Clive Pick, Martha Lucia, Psalmody International, Restoring the Foundations, Tom Inglis, Extreme Prophetic, Radical worship music, Spiritual warfare, The Day of the Saints, The Marketplace, Leadership & Teamwork, Apostolic and prophetic worship and more.

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  • The Messianic Church Arising!
    The Messianic Church Arising!
  • A Time to Advance
    A Time to Advance
  • Spikenard of Mary anointing oil
    Spikenard Anointing oil 7.5ml
  • Light of Jerusalem
    Light of Jerusalem anointing oil 7.5ml